They Love Them Way More Than You!

17 06 2010


That first “they” is Republican politicians. That subsequent “them” is owners of capital and corporations. The “you” is, well, actually you, that is people who have to work for a living, which most Americans are.

Is the real object of Republican politicians’ love and loyalty news to anyone? It shouldn’t be. But that “shouldn’t be” does assume knowledge of history and of what interests Republicans have historically defended. Aparently either historical knowledge is not abroad in the land, or the perpetual siren song of Rush, et al., is so powerful it can distract millions of people from what they know from the history channel.

Anyway, every once in a while some particularly inept Repub. pierces the Limbaugh/Hannety/Fox News truth-obscuring screen by getting sincerely furious when the Dems seem to be being mean to one of those he loves and serves — as described here, for example:

In what we love we reveal our true selves.


Here’s the clip:



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