26 08 2010


Here’s something on the national horizon that is so profoundly unfair and potentially counterproductive for the economy that it’s frightening. Yet it could come to pass:


And here’s a response to it that really made me feel hopeful about my country:

New York, NY
August 23rd, 2010
11:52 am
Dr. Krugman,The socially-responsible wealthy do exist but their voices have been drowned out by the conservative propaganda. Some of us have been so incredibly fortunate to be among the top 1-2%, and (surprise!) we would readily welcome higher top-bracket taxes to give back to our nation in dire need. Our fellow Americans are struggling, while the widening rich-poor gap is both undesirable and unsustainable. There is hardly any satisfaction in being affluent if we are surrounded by an ocean of poverty.

Yet, it is precisely during these trying times that the conservative movement has revealed its true colors of ultra selfishness. The staggering amount of misinformation has in fact led to many struggling low-income Americans — those who could actually benefit from lower taxes and/or more stimulus — in effect believing that the rich should not be taxed any further, lest we start looking like socialist Europeans! This is simply unconscionable.

Believe me, I am not the only one among the lucky few who feel this way, but our voices aren’t being heard. Oh, and by the way, I am an immigrant who owes a huge amount of gratitude to America and am prepared to give back.



Today’s strange brand of “conservatism” has taken a death grip on the radical, relatively-new notion (1940s) of the “virtue of selfishness”; so it would have us believe that there are few wealthy people like this man. I think there are lots. Remember when Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and several other super-rich men appeared before Congress to argue AGAINST repealing the estate tax?


Yes, I’m getting slightly optimistic here because of Adrian’s post, but that’s a long-term hopefulness, based on a sneaking suspicion that common decency and common sense wins out in the long run. In the short run, though, I still have to ask you, my friends, to please not vote Republican this Fall. If many of you do, we’ll have another round of tax cuts for the Rich, restrictions of public services (except for the sacrosanct military, of course!), and probably a serious effort to mess up Social Security under the guise of “budget austerity”. All this can lead us in only one direction.


It’s dangerous for all strata of a society for it to end up where this one is headed: a small island of super-wealthy people surrounded by a vast sea of struggling, unhelped Poor.


Don’t believe me? Read the history of Guatemala.







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6 09 2010

Beautifully expressed!

6 09 2010

Sadly, I still do not think you understand that it is ONE political party with two corporate wings.

6 09 2010

Of course I understand that Jodi. However, even though both parties answer primarily to corporations and wealthy people, and so work mostly for their interests, the two parties do differ in how they treat the rest of us. It’s like our teachers when we were in elementary school. The first loyalty of all of them was to the school system that paid them, but some were nice to us and some were mean.

The Democrats are the nice teachers. Since President Obama was elected they’ve done the following things that help the middle class and the Poor — just citing the ones that come to mind instantly:

1. Passed a health care reform system somewhat similar to the German model. Of course, the Dems had to give the greedy insurance companies, for-profit hospitals, etc., their pounds of flesh, but at least the Dems did SOMETHING about the incredibly unfair problem of the Completely Uninsured.

2. Enacted an expansion of regulation of the wheeling and dealing of the greedy pig bankers who caused this proto-Depression that has hurt us all. Again, much was given away to the Real Masters of this country, but substantial real tightening of bank regulations was made.

3. Enacted legislation that significantly restrict the tricks and stratagems that banks have used for the past 2 decades to suck money out of credit card holders in the form of exhorbitant fees for everything under the sun, and surprise interests retroactive interest rate increases. That kind of behavior has hurt almost all of us at one time or another. The changes in the law made by this enactment were desperately needed.

4. Repeatedly extended supplemental unemployment insurance for all of the millions of Americans who have been out of work for more than the six months that unemployment compensation usually lasts.

Now one of the steps that is desperately needed is to let the temporary Bush tax cuts that differentially benefit the richest Americans end, so that the lost revenue can be applied to the federal deficit. The Democrats have pledged to let those cuts expire as they should, and ONLY for households making more than $250,000 per year. The Republicans have campaigned against that.

Can you imagine the Republicans doing any of the above things? Of course not. They’ve resisted every one of them bitterly, and now they hope to win enough seats in the upcoming election to extend ALL those Bush tax cuts. They are the MEAN TEACHERS, pure and simple.

When I see people of middle class and below campaigning for and screaming on behalf of the Republicans, I am forced to conclude that they have let Fox News / Rush et al. make them dumber than children. Children, at least, always know who the NICE TEACHERS are.


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