24 03 2010

(For background on Miss Magibon, see my earlier blog entry “What Is Magibon”: ‎

(Among other things, she’s a meme more significant than it looks.)


13 12 2009

The YouTube star Magibon is well on her way to doing that successfully. See her new blog:

And check out her YouTube channel:

See also my earlier post on why Magibon is so popular:

What a story! A shy girl from a small town in the USA has made it as a media personality, first on YouTube, and now in the Japanese media. She loved Japan and its culture, conceived the dream of immigrating there, sat alone in her room and made a bunch of cute videos of her cute self directed at Japanese audiences, and now, because of those videos, is living in Japan and well on the way to realizing the rest of her dream.

Magibon did all this quite demurely, within the protected and censored walls of YouTube. Others venture out into the wilderness of the larger Internet and sell an opportunity for a more frank appreciation of the way they look:

Jess is very attractive and very smart, if her posts on Twitter are any indication.

She has explained in a YouTube video that her first naked-me site was controlled by a webmaster, but eventually she managed to buy it from him.

Jess now runs her site completely on her own (as far as I can see), and spends many hours a day putting together sexy videos of herself. She is reasonably successful, and, if she is a shy person as I suspect she may be, she is fabulously so. At twenty-something she has found a way to work without a boss and entirely at home — two longed-for situations that I, at 61, still haven’t managed!


Such is the the power of female beauty!

But those who have had that power in the past have usually failed to profit by it. Like every kind of power, beauty has to be applied where and how it is most effective. The Internet, and especially YouTube, constitute a brand new conduit for it.

Today, for perhaps the first time in history, a smart beautiful woman can try her power without first having to convince some man to let her in front of the camera. And, if she’s lucky, she can go on to achieve the joy of being longed for and collect all of the profits of same, without ever being abused or commodified.


29 11 2009

Being a grumpy old man, I confidently predict that in 10 years YouTube will have ossified into a slick, manipulative money-making machine, a la Disney and MTV.

But for now, those kids are having FUN. Try this:


25 09 2009

Just as cute, and she is also funny, and getting funnier every day.


19 09 2009


This is such an important subject, but like anything that’s “good for you” it’s hard to concentrate on. You guys out there should find it easy to concentrate on THIS:



21 05 2009

As a pessimist and reasonably observant American, I am prone to think that in the USA almost no one will expend major effort to produce anything that doesn’t make money. And that’s an assumption of many online commentors as well. In a recent discussion of advertising on the Internet, one post after another said, essentially, that there would be no content on the Internet without advertising. And those commentors weren’t displaying pessimism, either. They simply knew their culture from within, and expressed the truth of it as they knew it.

But I have reason to know that what they and my pessimism say is nonsense. I have multiple interests, and in pursuing them on the Internet I’ve seen the most stunning, informative, long-lasting web sites be built by people who simply have a hobby, or by organizations that want to inform or delight us. Here are five examples. I realize you aren’t likely to be very interested in the subject matter of a couple of them, but take a look at the depth and quality of the sites!

1. Phil’s Old Radios:

2. JavaJune’s Blog:

3. Loveyoutodeathbut’s YouTube Channel:

(And permit me to recommend one of the videos:

4. Astronomy Picture of the Day:

5. Steve’s Supreme Instruments Collection:

An additional amazing thing about this last site is that both the site and the test equipment presented on it are unusually fine-looking, almost beautiful. This is all the more amazing when you consider that the test equipment items presented by Steve were designed and sold in the 1930s for a completely utilitarian purpose. As you can imagine, most other contemporary electronic test equipment was NOT physically attractive :-).

I think people who do things for love instead of money are givers of wonderful gifts to those around them. Laboring away quietly in the interstices* of this Tower of Babel of Greed, they are not sufficiently honored.

*I got to use this word yesterday and I liked it so well I’m using it again today!


5 04 2009

Only the Blues could produce a song with this title that wouldn’t either be ironic or heavy metal. Check it out:

ETTA JAMES sings “I’d Rather Go Blind”.

UPDATE: Here’s a contemporary YouTube version of “I’d Rather Go Blind” by a singer from far distant Sarajevo who looks like a star from a 1940s French film.


6 03 2009


…of YouTube video making:

I discussed the wonderful cutie pie / YouTube personality known as Magibon back in July, and her YouTube channel is in the list that appears to the right of my blog.

Here is my analysis of the Magibon phenomenon:

And I’m glad to report that others are now following in Magi’s footsteps. Just think how much confidence in your beauty and/or charm it takes to go on YouTube and present yourself in the Magibon minimalist way!

The two best practitioners of the Magibon style I’ve stumbled upon are cotorich and jeerawan. I think if you are a man (or a woman with a keen appreciation of feminine beauty) then you will enjoy checking out these two YouTubers. I’ve added them to the list of fav YouTube channels to the right of my blog.

Some men like their women hot. Others would prefer that they be sweet.