25 05 2009

I used to spend thousands of dollars a year collecting things on eBay. No more! Here’s why, in a post I made yesterday to that awful place’s awful blog where they tell us what awful things they’re going to do to sellers next:

“As a long-time buyer on eBay I was recently drawn back briefly for a class of things likely to be here. They were. I’ve got them and gone.

Unfortunately, I stopped to take a look at the eBay-as-a-business sites. Wish I hadn’t!

EBay is a place I learned to love 8 years ago because it transparently transmitted the offerings of ACTUAL HUMANS to me, allowing me to buy neat things I loved from such persons. How I loved recreating the person-to-person retail model of a generation ago, using up-to-the minute technology!

Best of all, I was bypassing the immense faceless corporations that over that same generation have turned brick-and-mortar retail into an exercise in encountering sullenness, because the workers there are now mostly paid minimum wage or near it.

No more! EBay is now just another huge faceless corporation full of eager management bees blathering about “metrics” and “enhancing the buyer experience” ad nauseum, and then turning back happily to their real job of screwing* small sellers.

It turns my stomach. I’m outa here!”


*I am going to tell you what that screwing consists in. Not now. In a later post. I swear to God. I’m too mad now.