7 04 2010


A comment in the New York Times to a Maureen Dowd column about the latest Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal:

Phil in the mountains of Kyushu
March 31st, 2010
12:10 am
“Love you on these ‘rottweiler-Cheney-type guys’ in skirts [Catholic priests who’d commented on the scandal].

They’d be more decent — less hypocritical, less arrogant, less bullying and lying — if they could admit what it means as men that they happen to like to parade about in jewelry and skirts — except they have a phobic need to hate actual gay culture — to preen themselves as holy of holies above mere mortals with actual human inclinations.

In this sense — their disdain for actual humanity — for gays, or for actual sex needs and complications of straight women — they epitomize the “type” of newly-empowered corporate humanity that the U.S. Supreme Court in the Citizens United decision  recently ruled equal or superior to traditional humanity.

Of course this new, corporate soul doesn’t come only from Supreme Court rulings — it also comes assiduously from all of corporate academe where so many learn the prevailing impersonality conceits deep in the silos of biz and law schools, and in too many other departmental niches also stripped only to what fits the narrowest specialization pretenses.

The Catholic higher-ups provide a public purpose, anyway — as they goad the world into ever greater population increases, and as they find former Nazi conscripts to keep their feudal world intact, at least their gaudy displays of pomp and circumstance clue the rest of us to the rot obvious under it all — which you so rottweilery-wonderfully nab today.”