16 03 2010

This quote is so true it’s breathtaking:

“For money you can have everything it is said. No, that is not true. You can buy food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; soft beds, but not sleep; knowledge but not intelligence; glitter, but not comfort; fun, but not pleasure; acquaintances, but not friendship; servants, but not faithfulness; grey hair, but not honor; quiet days, but not peace. The shell of all things you can get for money. But not the kernel. That cannot be had for money.”

-Arne Garborg, writer (1851-1924)

I must add, though, that for the the terminally socially inept (moi!), the grotesquely ugly, and those who perhaps have never had good health, the things money can buy, though all very much “second bests”, may be the very best of that kind of thing that they can ever hope to obtain.

And don’t forget also the cheering effect of living in beautiful surroundings (which money can buy) vs. the depressing effect of living in impoverished squalor (which I vividly remember from my childhood).

Finally, don’t forget the SECURITY that wealth brings. Of all the many things that the world can do to you, if you are wealthy it at least cannot inflict squalor, grinding labor, and/or homelessness on you.