13 02 2010

These days I spend a good deal of time trying to imagine how it feels to be young. It ain’t easy! Dear fellow baby boomers, do you remember how back when we were in our teens the 1920s seemed impossibly distant? Well, that’s how long ago I graduated from college!

Of course, the distancing effect on us then was especially severe because we could only “see” the ’20s in unclear and SILENT black and white movies, which normally moved abnormally fast when projected because of the slower standard film feed speed that prevailed in the ’20s.

An indication that the 1960s are far more present for the young than the ’20s were for us is the continued influence of my fav 1960s band The Velvet Underground, whose famous “banana” album of the same name came out in 1968. Recently I heard someone  on the radio say of the Velvets that their albums only sold a few thousand copies, but everyone who heard them went out and started a band.

Truly, when I first heard them in 1969 they were unique!  They may still be.

Here’s my fav song by them:


And, of course, they also gave us THIS (!):


The Velvets and Bob Dylan — my heros forevever!