Lick The Corporate Boot

17 05 2010


Does this story sound familiar?


Locals, remember when our chronically-underfunded public transit system made a bit of profit for a while by putting on special busses from to LSU football games, and then local bus companies got a city law passed to stop it, whereupon the said bus companies did NOT step in to fill the transportation gap they created?

Doesn’t anyone understand the simple fact that money is power–in a “democracy” as everywhere else? Countless stories have shown that big corporations can DO anything, STOP anything in the way of public service. They do it by buying the appropriate-level legislators to vote that service away.

You’re seeing it now on the highest possible level, as lobbyists for big banks eviscerate, step by step, a package of proposed federal laws designed to keep them from speculating their way into a second modern Depression.

Is this particular big bank manipulation at last the tipping point that will cause Americans to stop worshiping corporations and allowing them to grow monsterously powerful?

Or will it take a third Depression? Or a fourth?

How hard-headed are you people anyway?





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