7 10 2009

It’s rare to read a story about something that I consider not only deplorable in every present detail, but also bad in all of its implications for the future, and positively frightening in some of them.

We seem to be a species whose instincts and most basic cultural tendencies still fit the sparsely settled, tribal world in which homo sapiens evolved. Unfortunately that ancient world is as far in condition from the present one as it’s possible to get.

Thank you Mr. Malthus for raising the alarm on this whole matter some time ago.



One response

9 10 2009

This is absolutely unthinkable. The only thing these sexed crazed people are teaching their kids and kids across America is to embellish in sex.
Tax payers have to front a lot of the expenses. It’s absolutely insane. These freaks of nature need to be castrated

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