27 09 2009

Not only is he clearly very  smart — of course! because he agrees with me — he’s also handsome:





One response

28 09 2009

Two wrongs don’t make a right. We should have neither a military-industrial complex nor a medical-industrial complex.

In all this talk of ‘choice’ there’s no mention of this: I WANT A SHITTY DOCTOR. Where’s the $75 doctor for the stupid stuff and the $250 doctor for the tougher stuff and the $1000 doctor for the life or death stuff. Wheres my shitty doctor? Where’s my cash back for every year I don’t get sick or better yet, choose wisely and save the SYSTEM some money???

They are starting the ‘reform’ from the wrong end, when all they really want to do is “seal in the juices” and guarantee payment for EVERY service rendered, EVERY time. That’s whay they caved to drug companies and lawyer cartels.

First cut down on the suing so that doctors can charge less and then tier the doctors by ability so that the heart surgeon can’t bill out the same $$$ as the guy who combs the crabs out of your pubies. Oh– and QUIT BILLING OUT AS A DOCTOR FOR NURSE services… now theres another doozy.

Really, the whole thing is moot because a contract entered into involuntarily is null and void. But I’m sure they are working on that too…

Last of all, if this does go thru, it will create another investment ‘bubble’ in the health sector, which will pop and take the last vestiges of this lemming economy with it. The 90’s were the era of the educated consumer but the 2000’s wil wind up being the era of the ARMED consumer, if this BS keeps up.

No matter- I’m off to buy a warehouse full of fish tank tubing and relabel the cases “HOSE, OXYGEN, 500FT, CLEAR Propertyof US Gov’t”… y’all take care!!!

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