21 09 2009


The story of the recent cancellation of the F-22 fighter plane:

This weapons system was conceived in the 1980s during the Cold War to go up against the finest fighters the militaristic Soviet Union could create. It was a plane built to achieve air supremacy in a major conventional war between large, technologically-sophisticated nations with huge military budgets.

The Soviet Union went away in 1991. We took delivery on the first of these planes in 2003. Congress recently capped procurement of the planes at 187 units after a big fight.

Here’s how much the F-22 cost the USA, all told:

“By the time all 183 fighters have been purchased, $34 billion will have been spent on actual procurement, resulting in a total program cost of $62 billion or about $339 million per aircraft. The incremental cost for one additional F-22 is around $138 million;[18] decreasing with larger volumes.[16]”


Who needs universal health care? We have super-duper fighter planes!




One response

24 09 2009

Sadly, the russkies probably would have gotten these things out the door for the equivalent of about $10,000 each using unskilled (or, if housewives, unskilleted) labor and assembled on jigs made of wooden blocks.

Whatever government finally gets a clue and builds its armaments itself instead of greasing rich people, deserves to darken our skies with such planes, fight us tooth and nail, and win. That’s fair.

When all the defense contractors play at the same golf course on their day off, ‘lowest’ bidder means nothing.

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