11 09 2009

Hello, Honored Reader of My Blog,

If you or someone you care about has had a brush with one of the many disasters that can be caused by our current health care system*, then you know it needs to be changed. Here’s any easy way to try to get it changed. Go to the site given below and sign a letter that will be sent to your representatives in Washington in your name.

There’s a place there to add your own personal comment to be sent the the Representative or Senator. Here’s what I wrote:

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to give US citizens something EVERY OTHER FIRST WORLD COUNTRY provides for its citizens. I recently heard in a radio discussion that even the Czech Republic has national health care! I am an old guy, and I know how much a person can find to regret at this time of life. I truly believe that if you successfully oppose President Obama’s health care plan you will come to regret it when you’re in your 60s like me. A lot of people will suffer and die** for want of medical care they can’t afford if things go on unchanged.”

But you say whatever you want. It’s a chance to be heard — maybe even a way to counter all those ridiculous excesses we saw at some congresspersons’ town meetings over the summer.


*Bankruptcy caused by uninsured doctors’ bills may be the most common. How many sad notes requesting a donation to help pay for, say, a battle against cancer have you seen in your workplace over the years? I’ve seen plenty. Why should people fighting a terrible disease have to fight with insurers and bill collectors at the same time?

•• See, for example, THIS:




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