9 06 2009

(And a Fun Phillipic from a Commentor)

First read Nobel-Prize Winning Economist Paul Krugman in Sunday’s New York Times on recent economic history here and in Great Britain:

Then read this comment on that column by Clifford in Washington:

2009 6:36 am


“There is not going to be anything new happening because the Landed Gentry Party controls the economy regardless of which political wing occupies the throne.

The only way that the economy of this nation is going to change — Remember that word? — is when everyone has a health-care plan like that of the civilized countries in Europe where the health of their citizens trumps the profits that the oligarchs in  law-of-the jungle America demand, and when homes are truly affordable and no one is allowed to offer crooked mortgages that rob the people blind, both those who can afford homes and those who cannot.

Adequate wages and salaries for the masses, with a common-sense tax structure that allows them to survive, round out the necessary data for whatever you or anyone else hopes that will arise after this Depression is over in two years and when the economy is back to normalcy in five years.

Without those basic criteria being satisfied there is no hope for a change for the better, but what does remain is a formula for business as usual. The people need to see this fact and react to change the status quo.

Changing the wings of the Government on the so-called election days is a loser, as that route only keeps the rich rich and the poor poor, as the last forty years of smooth talking has clearly shown.

Something on the order of what happened here in 1776, and in France in that period, and in Russia in 1911, is necessary to clean out the barn to get rid of all the corrupting pathogens.

I don’t see that happening with an ignorant electorate that believes whatever any smooth, or not so smooth, talker who happens to occupy the throne says.”

— Clifford, WA

This commentor must be at least somewhat young, because he seems still to retain a vestige of hope of change in the USA. In actuality, ever since the confluence of the Industrial Revolution and the “American Dream” in the post-Civil-War period made the USA the Heaven on Earth for Owners of Capital, the rest of us have had nothing to say about the running of the country. The Owners can be relied upon to spend whatever it takes, in bribes to Congress and propaganda directed at the masses, to see that that situation continues.




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