24 05 2009


by Michael Franti and Spearhead

Here’s the YouTube video:

(which takes this very strong rap and visualizes it perfectly. But don’t watch it if you’re a right winger!)

Now the Lyrics:

A revolution never come with a warning

A revolution never sends you an omen

A revolution just arrive like the morning

Ring the alarm we come to wake up the snoring

They tellin’ you to never worry about the future

They tellin’ you to never worry about the torture

They tellin’ you that you’ll never see the horror

Spend it all today and we will bill you tomorrow

Three piece suits and bank accounts in Bahamas

Wall street crime will never send you to the slammer

Tell all the children in the arms of their mammas

The F-15 is a homicidal bomber

TV commercials for a popping pill culture

Drug companies circling like a vulture

An Iraqi baby with a G.I. Joe father

Ten years from now is anybody gonna bother?

Yell Fire, yo, yo, yo

Here we come here we come

Fire, yo, yo , yo, yo

Revolution a comin’

Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo

Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo

Everyone addicted to the same nicotine

Everyone addicted to the same gasoline

Everyone addicted to a Technicolor screen

Everybody tryin’ to get their hands on the same green

From the banks of the river to the banks of the greedy

All of the riches taken back by the needy

We come from the country and we come from the city

You play us on the record, you can play us on the CD

All the shit you’ve given us is fertilizer

The seeds that we planted you can never brutalize them

Tell the corporation they can never globalize it

Like Peter Tosh said Legalize it

Girls and boys hear the bass and treble

Rumble in the speakers and it make you wanna rebel

Throw your hands up, take it to another level

And you can never, ever, ever make a deal with the devil

Yell Fire, yo, yo, yo

Here we come here we come

Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo

Revolution a comin’

Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo

Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo

Kind of reminds me of Alan Ginsberg’s poem Howl! Or the leftest ferment of the 1960s. But none of that did any good. Nothing changes. Did the serfs ever manage to revolt against the feudal lords?




5 responses

22 10 2009

Oh no! I am sure a song will scare the hell out of the right wingers. If there isn’t a revolution yet, then doesnt that mean that this song IS a warning? And if so, doesn’t that make this song as irrelevant as it sounds? Lefties make great music and movies but righties make the businesses that hire the people that make great movies and music.

22 10 2009

You are right, of course. There will be no revolution in the foreseeable future. Back in the unusual 1960s, and in the unusually leftest city of New York, some of my fellow college students ACTUALLY BELIEVED that a revolution was coming soon to the US. I remember vividly sitting in my apartment listening to some fervid fellow leftist student stating that opinion.

I was very ignorant then, but not ignorant enough to believe him.

The song is merely aspirational. The problem with the folks with the capital, who invest it and in the process do indeed create jobs, is that they are human, which means that they will treat other people who happen to be under their power about as bad as they can get away with. And they will keep treating them worse still as time goes on. Their eyes are on the success of their business, not the misery of their workers.

So gradually workers begin to grow restive. Then they need songs like this. Later they may do things like form unions, as they did in the 19th and 20th centuries,

What will they do in the 21st?

9 01 2010
14 05 2011

Wow, I really like the song and would be considered a “right-winger.” I guess, enough said.

31 01 2012

Actually, the peasants lopped off the czars head once, & norway, finland, & sweden got rid of their ruling elite in the 30’s. Those in the u.s., back in the 30’s didn’t do so bad, either. But really, what difference does it make? Ppl will rise against oppression when they’ve had enough, every time, regardless of how well it has worked in the past.

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