13 04 2009

Here’s the text of a letter I recently wrote to my senator. It contains urls for a New York Times editorial and another site that fill in the essential numbers that support the continuation of the estate tax:

Dear Senator X,

I see you recently voted to cut the estate tax. The April 7 New York Times editorial at
on that action is definitive in my opinion. The tax never even touches anyone but the wealthiest Americans.

In addition to what the Times says, I might add that we need the estate tax not just for the revenue but also to keep the USA from turning irrevocably, over the generations, into an oligarchy of incredibly wealthy families. As I’m sure you know, even such super-rich people as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates  asserted this at hearings on the tax held last year.

I doubt that your vote to limit the estate tax reflected your deepest convictions. I think it was probably tactical, due to the fact that our state is becoming increasingly conservative. However, the majority of the people in the country are becoming increasingly the opposite. There is a chance at last to stop the incredible movement toward concentration of assets and income in the hands of the wealthy that has happened here over the last 30 years due to Republican-initiated US domestic and tax policy.

For a quick look at the numbers on what this has done to the poor and middle class, in terms of differential changes in income,  check out this site:

Please don’t stand in the way of this brand new swing of the political pendulum back toward a more equitable treatment of our different social classes!





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