6 03 2009


…of YouTube video making:

I discussed the wonderful cutie pie / YouTube personality known as Magibon back in July, and her YouTube channel is in the list that appears to the right of my blog.

Here is my analysis of the Magibon phenomenon:

And I’m glad to report that others are now following in Magi’s footsteps. Just think how much confidence in your beauty and/or charm it takes to go on YouTube and present yourself in the Magibon minimalist way!

The two best practitioners of the Magibon style I’ve stumbled upon are cotorich and jeerawan. I think if you are a man (or a woman with a keen appreciation of feminine beauty) then you will enjoy checking out these two YouTubers. I’ve added them to the list of fav YouTube channels to the right of my blog.

Some men like their women hot. Others would prefer that they be sweet.




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9 03 2009

“Some men like their women hot. Others would prefer that they be sweet.”

…And some men accept nothing less than perfection: a woman who is beautiful, charming, feminine, sweet and submissive all at the same time.

13 03 2009

That’s definitely optimum, Carl. More power to you if you can achieve it!

Sadly, as a man of very limited physical attractiveness and wealth, I was never able to even begin to attract any female who had all those virtues. There was one single time when I managed to attract someone who had the last four characteristics. Didn’t work out though. I thought she was too good for me!

I wish I had remembered the old song.

“If you can’t beeee with the one you love,
Love the one you’re with.”

14 03 2009

Girls with all those characteristics; I know it’s optimum and I know it’s rare. That’s why you shouldn’t expect one to come out of the box with all those qualities. That’s why you (as the man) have to RE-TRAIN the girl to have all these qualities where her parents failed. Girls nowadays mostly grow up under a feminist social frame believing they should act just like guys and that they should compete with guys. Traditional feminine qualities such as those I mentioned for the “optimal” woman (that of being supportive and standing by your man) are demonized both by society and by the girl’s parents. However, just as the feminist social frame affects how a girl acts and behaves, you can create your own social frame that she will associate with you and enforce it through frame control. Now re-training requires both PAIN and PLEASURE for the girl. Physical pain is of course illegal under our current laws, but using emotional invalidations that lower her perceived value to punish the girl when she fails to meet your expectations and using validations when she does something to meet your expectations can work wonders.

Here’s the deal: men are naturally valuable to women when they are functional. A man should always lead the relationship, but with great power comes great responsibility; in order for a man to meet a functional woman’s needs she needs to submit to his authority. Most men today have low inner value because feminism teaches us to supplicate to a woman’s whims and to perceive her as more valuable than us. This sort of flawed thinking is reinforced in children cartoons, adult cartoons, children sitcoms, adult sitcoms and even in popular culture and Hollywood movies that we all grew up watching. Trying to unfuck all the internalized mockery and humiliation of men in the media is a tall order indeed.

Now I believe you are 62 so Manhood101 .com would be of limited use to you at that stage in life. The teachings on that website are more geared to young men in their 20s and 30s who have many years of relationships with girls to look ahead to. Girls use frame control against us (guys) all the time to get their expectations met. It’s time that men learned to use this same powerful tool to start getting their expectations met and to start LEADING the relationship rather than going along for the girl’s emotional roller coaster.

14 03 2009

This is very interesting Carl (and well written!). I didn’t know there was any organized resistance to the excesses — in the private sphere — of feminism. I had noticed some effects of those excesses appearing in some YouTube videos. Please see my earlier post “What Is Magibon”. (which I have tacked to the front page of my blog because I think it’s so accurate.}

The sad thing in my opinion is that it would probably be routinely possible for women to have careers yet retain femininity for their men if our media did not incessantly portray women with careers as behaving exactly like men. Our media producers are almost always blind or indifferent to the adverse social effects of their dumbness and greed, and this is one of the prime examples.

Yes I am too old to benefit from the webpage you mentioned. I would also point out that world of romance and sex looks completely different from the point of view of persons like me, who are, factually, physically unattractive. I used to belong to an organization that was mostly peopled by unattractive women. I learned through becoming friends with some of the few attractive ones, and listening to the unattractive ones hold forth at our meetings, that the two worlds are very different. Most notably, attractive women get to work out their neurotic relationship issues (carried over from childhood) speedily when they are young through intense relationships with men. The truly unattractive often have to do it slowly, in their friendships with other women.

And, if they want to have an active sex life, highly unattractive women are more likely to be used by men — accepting “booty calls”, for example.

Keep up the struggle!

14 03 2009

And Carl, I hope you won’t forget to be kind in your interactions with women.

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