10 02 2009

As happened 86 years ago, when the brand-new technological miracle of radio broadcasting took off, all kinds of interests are today churning the legislative and judicial waters trying to get the law on the subject of Internet management set to their liking.

They are smart to do so. Once that law is established, it will be nearly set in stone. Back in the 1920, there was great hope that radio could bring information and culture to the masses–and some stations even tried to do so. But without a financing method, such as the BBC tax on radio usage, everything came down in the end to sponsored entertainment programming.

That actually worked out pretty well for about 75 years, until radio began to become a passe medium in the late 1990s as the Internet was rising. Now radio is nothing but “all right-wing vituperation all the time” on AM, and a very narrow selection of sucky music on FM (country, rap, old rock — that’s all, folks!).

Only NPR, created in the late 1960s and which has had to fight for its life many times since, actually gives us expert information and in-depth news.

SO….you might want to keep track of the struggles that are now shaping the Internet for the next generation. Here’s a good place to do it:




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