4 02 2009

Hey, check this article out first:

And why did Republicans ever think privatization was a good idea, since most of their leaders know better than lots of the rest of us that bear markets, panics, and depressions are cyclical and inevitable? Permit me to guess:

1. Lots of them are not rational. They are true believers. They worship the FREE MARKET, and they think their economic God can do no wrong.

2. They wouldn’t really have minded if they had messed up Social Security with that nutty idea anyway. Their theoreticians want to destroy even the most successful remnants of the New Deal because they don’t like it interfering with “1” above, and because to destroy Social Security would break any residual attachment working people have to the Democratic Party.

2. They are the party of the Rich (at the highest levels of the organization). The Rich don’t need Social Security.

It’s just that simple folks.




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