27 01 2009

Here’s another commentator who’s amazed that with all the suffering the last 8 years of Republican rule have caused so many of us, the Republicans in Congress still have the nerve to chant their mantra of “Tax cuts, tax cuts!” one more time.

I was amazed by this for a very long time. Then it occurred to me how simple the answer is: All Americans expect to get rich! It’s the American dream, after all.

And when you do end up rich, you sure won’t want high taxes!

Or, if an American (often an older, hence wiser, one) happens to be too realistic to believe that he’ll get rich in this life, he will think instead that he COULD have gotten rich, if he’d just played his cards right back in _______ [Fill in your pivotal date.]. This is America after all!

In short, the dream of wealth is our central national myth, as was the dream of heaven for Europe for most of the time since Christianity really took hold in the declining Roman empire in the 4th Century A. D.

You do not displace a fudamental national myth easily. In this case it would take a second Depression to do it.




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