24 01 2009

As an enthusiastic Epicurean (see “I AM AN OYSTER”) to the right —>), I feel qualified to review cooking shows even though I don’t know how to cook. This ignorance on my part is due to my age (Old), which means that I grew up when cooking was “woman’s work”.

But many younger man also have never learned how to cook  — for such very good reasons as that they hate to have to wash more than one dish per meal, and they hate doing things that require standing up throughout the entire activity.

All men do like to eat, however. And most of us also would like, if at all possible, to do so by being served delicious meals by a highly attractive woman who is personally devoted to us. For those men who do not have such a person available, due to such of life’s vagaries as divorce, widowerhood, economic demands on a wife or girlfriend’s time, and being unusually shy, extremely short, or grossly overweight, there is the alternative of being taught how to cook on YouTube.

This is a very good alternative. YouTube, as is perhaps universally known by now, is the home, par excellence, of women who are really pretty or beautiful, and who are often also extremely charming and/or clever and/or very likable persons. For the man deprived of a wife or girlfriend who can cook, YouTube offers lots of opportunity to learn a full range of cooking skills from a hottie.

However, being MEN who face the grim necessity of cooking for ourselves, what many of us most specifically want  is to be taught how to make really good dishes that are EASY to cook. One presenter of such optimum fare (and also more elaborate dishes? I haven’t looked for those.) is to be found here:

Linda Lam is really cute and nice and she knows how to cook well. Her recipe videos are presented in a straightforward way that makes it easy to learn how to do it. She shows every step close-up.

Above all, Linda doesn’t season her lessons with ego. This is a classic no-bullshit woman. In a venue where some women give the impression that they’ve built a business plan around their beauty and are now coldly carrying it out, Linda is warm and unaffected.

Interestingly, it is such straightforward ladies who have often become stars on YouTube in other contexts than cooking, e.g.,

Linda’s not a star yet, but I think she could end up one. See what you think.




One response

24 01 2009

haha thanks for mentioning my cooking channel. I’ve been late on my cooking video updates. What I usually try to do with my recipes is to keep everything simple, from the ingredients to the cooking methods used.

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