18 01 2009

As I write this I’m listening on NPR to the musical beginning of the Obama inauguration celebration. I just heard “What’s Going on?” by Marvin Gaye.

For 28 years the answer to Marvin’s question has been “Nothing!”

28 years of ascendancy of an ideology that had nothing to offer me and my people (the meek and the weak).

28 years of bullshit designed to make it seem morally OK that the rich were getting ever richer and the poor were getting ever poorer (Look it up; it’s well known.*)

28 years of the young rushing to jobs that they hoped would make them rich, when all the jobs that would make the life of the people of this country morally and intellectually richer were scorned — teachers and NON-commercial artists,  above all.

28 years of ever-spreading corruption, because we all knew that money could buy any degree of status, and that it has no history.

28 years without hope, when no degree of cynicism about the motives and machinations of the Masters of this country was enough to do them and their tricks and greed justice.

— We are at the end of 28 years, in short, when the USA was artificially held in that ancient status that has always afflicted poor countries and should not be able  to reach rich modern ones like this one:

Oligarchs rule.

The first shall stay first.

And the last shall continue endlessly to suffer the crowd of afflictions that come with being last.

I’m crying.

*I found a cite for this assertion. It’s a liberal commentary. I doubt they
lied about the numbers, though, since to lie and ever be found out is to
lose credibility fast.





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