17 01 2009

This song, Misty Blue, by Dorothy Moore is a natural companion to I’d Rather Go Blind, which I previously mentioned…

Little trickles, via sensitive women singers, out of the great, deep Well of Human Sorrow.

These songs and songs like them give the lie to the bustling ones — the dictators, conquerors, obsessive practitioners of greed, empire builders, nascent entrepreneurs, puffed-up defenders of “freedom” — to the Stalins, Putins, Bushes, Saddams, Nixons, William Gates’s, and to the new generation of murderous third-world pigs striving to found dynasties in Africa,  etc., etc.,

–to all those who through endless generations have afflicted the rest of us and always will–

because gnawing at the back of their minds is always the unbelievable truth that the Conquerer Worm will soon have them, great as they know themselves to be, and will have them as irredeemably and completely as the least of the rest of humanity whose lives they use and make miserable in an effort to blot out that one universal fact.

See also
by Percy Bysshe Shelley:



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4 02 2009

Ain’t that the truth fella!

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