17 01 2009

Here’s a nice Bush retrospective.


I knew 28 years ago when Reagan was elected that the poor would suffer. Despite being an American, I actually have class consciousness — as do the American Rich, who relentlessly work for policies that specially benefit them. But in the US the middle class broadly lacks this awareness, so they probably mostly missed the prospect I saw (or if they saw it, they didn’t care, since they weren’t poor).

Later, as unions were broken as a result of a supine National Labor Relations Board, and, still later, capitalism became unfettered and global, it was obvious to me that the traditional reasonably-comfortable American working class would be the next to suffer. They themselves didn’t see it, by and large. Perhaps, incredibly, they thought that the owners of American capital would be nice to them and keep their jobs here and continue to pay them union-won salaries just cuz, you know, we’re all Americans! Hard to believe anyone could ever believe that, but ignorance is bliss.

Then we had the Bush tax cuts for the Rich, coupled with two wars, which created enormous expenditures. resulting in an enormous deficit. And, next, the supineness of regulators spread to those who regulated American financial services, as of course could be expected, since after 24 years of right wing rule it was axiomatic to our rulers that The Market Could Do No Wrong. Accordingly the financial regulators just left the financiers alone and let them run. It was another disaster.

So now the Right, perfectly represented by the feckless George W. Bush, has screwed things up so badly that even the vast middle-middle, and some of the upper-middle, class will suffer. AND WE CAN’T HAVE THAT.

Lots of comfy suburban folks are probably saying just that right now, or soon will be. As they defect from Republicanism and Free Market worship, I  now predict the next stage, something I never expected to live long enough to see.

The long American love affair with the Right is over.




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