15 08 2008

“We Are Not an Egalitarian Society”*



And a door as big as the Ritz
Should slam open with a growl of age-old hinges;
Or an orphan thunderbolt out of a cornflower sky
Smash clouds as fluffy as babies’ hair
Into ruptured piñatas of rain.
Or someone could just feed a whiskered face
In a classy restaurant, and act like its owner belongs there,
Or help him to a serving of Gates’ pie,
Or find a soapbox for the scruffy guy to speak from.


* Statement made by a representative of the Urban Institute, on the All Things Considered radio news show of 7/10/00, while explaining why repealing the estate tax was a perfectly fair way of making use of our then budget surpluses, even though doing so would benefit only the wealthiest 2% of American families.




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