6 08 2008


The question seems a bit off the beam, since Magibon is a woman, not a thing. But her videos are also a major phenomenon on YouTube, so “What” fits the phenomenon, if not the girl. Go to her channel, here, and see the phenomenal numbers of views her videos have gotten:

Magi’s Channel

What does she do to get all this interest? If you’re thinking talk sexy or shake her booty, you’re wrong. Booty shaking is rife on YouTube, as exemplified here:


and here:

And these sites and many others like them have only moderate numbers of views at best.

No, Magibon offers us something different. I suggest that you go look at a few of her videos and then come back and I will try to explain her popularity. Luckily I am Old and so have nothing better to do than try to get to the bottom of cultural phenomena like this.

…time allotted for perusal of some Magibon videos…

Magibon is a cute American girl of 22 with immense eyes. You could get lost in them. And although in most of her videos she just stares at the camera and speaks in Japanese (her main intended audience) while various pleasant expressions flit across her pretty face, it is hard not to keep watching. Why?

Well, for me and some other guys I’ve talked to, experiencing a Magibon video is like coming home after a day spent up to your elbows in shit and leaping into a cool blue pool. She is the place where sweetness negates the sourness of everyday life; apparent attention to you and your feelings negates the world’s indifference; and fantasy involvement with the spirit of a gentle woman negates the grinding utilitarianism of the American economic world.

What man could resist? Or, rather, what OLDER man could resist? We Oldies can love her right away because she answers to a type in the back of our minds that has never died. The Young, on the other hand, may have more trouble.

I’ve known for years through online discussions that many American men want Asian wives, even to the extent, in the case of some old, affluent guys, of going to, say, the Philippines to get one. And I’ve always thought that of course we would! And Magibon, though she is not Asian, exemplifies the precise reason why.

Today in the US media women are generally portrayed as attractive or sexy in a “formidable” way — physically beautiful, desirable, highly competent in whatever she is portrayed as doing, but a bit unreal and distant, seldom displaying anything that could possibly be called “sweetness”. I think this situation has arisen because the industrial manufacturers of our popular culture decided to support the womens’ liberation program some years ago, and, being incapable of subtlety, they have done so by just giving us countless images of beautiful women being tough like men. (Query: How many women of a degree of beauty that you know damn well would never be found in a police station have you seen portraying cops on TV?) Our standard of beauty has become founded in this slightly Gorgonesque type.

But I would bet anything that it is natural to many, perhaps most, men to be drawn to someone who looks and is gentle and sweet instead! I know I am. And I know that way back in the 1960s that was what most men wanted for sure.

I think this disconnect between current American culture and the natural preference of most men is why Magibon is so popular here. No one else on YouTube comes across as that gentle and vulnerable! (At least no-one who is an adult and has limpid eyes you could get lost in!)

But, interestingly, many young American men who comment on her videos are furious at her. I believe that is because they have come to expect formidable women in the real world and in-your-face-sexy women on YouTube, and they “know” that that’s what they prefer. Then they find Magibon and they can’t stop watching her videos because she is giving them something they’ve always wanted but didn’t know they wanted.

Every new medium creates the opportunity for new kinds of art within it, and by creating such a new kind of video Magibon has illuminated a chasm in the public culture of the USA that the mainstream media are probably blind to and, even if they are not, would never mention or manifest on their channels because to do so would highlight their manipulativeness.


PS: Here’s a great interview with Magibon. I learned a lot from it!





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7 08 2008

The girl and her “Magibon” character caught my attention too, much to the tisking of my wife, who simply said, “What is THAT you’re looking at… Men, you are all animals.”
Why do we like her? Why the Japanese affect?
I am fascinated and bored all at the same time.
More to come.

8 08 2008

Better edit this: she is now 22 years old!

She’s about #100 on the most subscribed or most viewed lists.
#1 is AtheneWins. He’s the guy who gets views by talking about his girlfriend as “my Bitch”. She also is silent, but that’s about the only thing she has in common with Magibon. Which just shows that what Magibon does is really not what makes her, it’s HOW she does it.

AtheneWins appeals to the videogame playing young guys, and that’s precisely the sort who leave nasty comments about Magibon.
This observation is summed up perfectly in this brilliant and hilarious parody by Fylkor:

9 08 2008
Marina Hotforwords

Why would you say that I am unfriendly and distant? I talk to as many people as I can… and I mean hundreds a day! What am I doing that makes me seem distant or unfriendly?

I am curious!


9 08 2008

To Marina
Sorry! That was a mis-expression that survived in mangled form from an earlier draft, where I had mentioned you in perentheses as an example of an UNforbidding beauty. I have edited this post to remove the residual reference to you. You are actually as sweet a sweetie-pie as Magibon! It could not be otherwise, since you combine two of my passions in one package—words, and…er….YOU.

To MagiMysteryTour,
Sorry to hear about AthenaWins. I watched it a couple of times and thought it was brash crap. I regret that USA mass culture exalts that sort of thing. For more on this regret seen my post “Unflattened in Baton Rouge”:



9 08 2008

You got a personal response from Hotforwordpress! You’d be envied by many guys for that. She must be very busy if she does actually read whole articles like this.
AtheneWins is supposed to be from Belgium, so I don’t know how much we can blame American culture for his popularity, I’m not sure whether most of his fans are from here or not. The irony is that he was a guy who was banned by YouTube, and came back to get his revenge by playing (just barely) within the rules and rising to the top … and has succeeded in that. Quite a successful revenge, which only feeds his own annoying conceit.

15 08 2008

Marina did me quite a favor. She has a lively website with lots of discussion threads that are linked to something called “Cocomment” that I don’t understand. Anyway, in the margin of several of her threads appeared her comment on my ‘lil blog in a little box, through which one could reach my blog entry about Magibon. I got a lot of views from there on the day and the 2 days after her comment appeared (during which that little box existed).

I was actually thrilled to get her comment. Amazing the power of Woman – and any form of stardom!

The only reason I don’t become as big a fan of Marina as of Magi is that, while by straining mightily I can just manage to imagine being young again and being accepted as Magi’s bf, I know for sure I would never have gotten close to Marina at any age!

4 03 2009

Hello Nightman1,

I’m web crawling as best I can trying to find out how long the waiting time will be for Magibon’s 90 day tourist visa. Magi was made to go to South Korea February 14, 2009 because her 90 day tourist visa expired. That was the last entry in her online diary. The day before mentioned “exposed to many negative characteristics”. Which means by the Yahoo translator ‘the boys were being nasty, again’. Some of the haters have seem to let up. Many get a new anonomus identity and come back being nasty, obscene and hateful.

What gets me is some of the authors in WordPress use obsenitys in their published articles; [“Stupid Emo Kid of The DaY” 1 May 2008 by Sandy on Grimy Goods … a dumb as$ … and who the fu_k is MAGIBON ? Hmm …
Tags: Funny, Emo, MySpace, magibon, Stupid, kids, stoops]
I am offended. The above article has NOTHING to do with Magibon. I need Sandy to be censored.

I had been reading good articles on WordPress about Magibon and set a faviorite short cut link to it. The link now ground loops. It demands that I log in, though I am loged in and does nothing. “MRirian-Magibon – is she on Myspace « Magibon – is she a genius” was a nice series of articles, as is yours, that dispelled many subtle lies propagated by Magi’s detractors and haters.

As for what to do about haters other than ignore them, you mentioned in your article. You may contact me on the unpublished eMail address I left.

5 03 2009

Hello Michael4009.

I am glad to meet another fan of Magibon. I never thought of searching blogs for comments on her. It seems like a good idea. I hate to see people saying vicious things about her. I think I can explain it. If they’re girls or women it’s usually envy. If they’re boys or men its usually the anger a man can sometimes feel toward at an unobtainable beautiful woman, or it’s the factor I discussed in this post.

Above all, I always come back to my great explanatory catchphrase for bad online behavior. The Internet is the one place you can be an asshole with absolutely no danger of getting your ass whipped!

6 03 2009
31 03 2009

Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

8 04 2009

Hi !!!! 😉
My name is Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that I like your blog very much!
And want to ask you: what was the reasson for you to start this blog?
Sorry for my bad english:)

12 04 2009

Michael4009 is batshit insane. His are the ravings of a lunatic paranoid schizophrenic stalker and Magibon critics are his new obsession. Hey lunatic, if you think blogs you don’t agree with should be censored than you are a fascist nazi by it’s very definition. Go share your oversensitive pussy butt-hurt feelings elsewhere like that hangout for fags at MRirian_Fangroup (spit)

22 04 2009

guy above…. “Adam” is a known troll on Youtube. Probabaly other sites as well. Known as “Toolohen”. “Dogtrainerbook” on Youtube and so on…

18 08 2009


Charley Reese of the orlando sentinel writes on this subject at length
“google feminist_bunk_will_cause_society_collapse”
as does Fred Reed of fredoneverything http://www.fredoneverything.net/AsianWomen.shtml
take a quick look.

18 08 2009

This is a helpful comment. Of the two essays that you referenced I read the 2nd one, by Freed Reed, first. That man can write! He describes a behavior pattern currently displayed frequently by American women which in his experience Asian women do not usually have.

It is not an attractive behavior pattern. If I were to attempt the great leap of the imagination of trying to enter into the minds of the opposite sex — and of members of that sex who are much younger than me as well! –, I would say that American women are probably very confused. Things have changed very quickly for women over the last few years in the West, and people aren’t THAT flexible.

It must be very hard to display one’s femininity and at the same time project a habitual “can do” manner appropriate to being one of the “do-ers” of the world.

A far as I can tell there is a certain softness and kindness in femininity which I don’t see how you can possibly hold onto year after year when you are hustling for job advancement and then ordering people around.

But at the same time I would not like to see women not get to use their brains, because I like to use mine.

The situation presents a hell of a conundrum!
I have a feeling some of the youngest American women have begun to resolve it. Take a look at the YouTube channel of Lacey Green:

When I read the first item you quoted, by Charley Reese, I was not sympathetic. I felt that the writer of it was speaking totally out of Right-wing ideology, not out of experience or insight. Since speaking in a kneejerk ideological way is something I have been know to do as well, I guess I can’t fault him. Instead I will just watch the same tendency in myself in future!

11 09 2009

Hmmm…..her attraction? Big, widely spaced eyes and silence. Researchers have found time and time again that larger eyes are more attractive to most people, and they hypothesize that this is because a higher eye-to-face ratio is more youthful. Youthful=innocent=nonthreatening. As a woman, I’d actually be more wary of Magibon than of someone more openly sexual. She is, in fact, wearing make-up to enhance her eyes, and the camera angle is always such that it also enhances the size of her eyes. Someone capable of playing up their innocence is much less innocent than they appear!

So, we’re looking at those big non-threatening eyes, and we get….silence. I’ve made men squirm and blush by simply looking sweetly at them for a prolonged moment. Silence with eye-contact is always quite intimate, isn’t it? When do we have that blend when it isn’t with someone close? Silence added to flirting is intimate in a come-to-your-own-conclusions-way. It puts men on edge by not giving them a full go ahead; what IS she thinking?

Again, a young woman capable of that is much more savvy than most.

12 09 2009

This comment is moving me to gush a bit!

I knew about the big-eye research, but you’re the first person I’ve talked to who’s known about it also. I wanted to put it in the Magibon post, but I knew that if I did that post would become way too long. I would also add that WIDE-SPACED EYES — such as Magi definitely has — have also been considered a mark of beauty in many cultures. I read somewhere that the ancient Greeks spoke (positively) of their standard image of Athena as “cow-eyed Athena” because she was frequently depicted as having large wide-set eyes (She carried an owl on her shoulder, for Gods’ sake!).

And you’ve added another thing I noticed but didn’t say: that a man seldom gets to enjoy a deep, long look from a really attractive woman unless she’s picked him out to flirt with, or she’s his girlfriend. To receive such a look in public creates an immediate sense of intimacy and possibility that is electrifying for a man (or anyway is for me). Apparently it remains electrifying even when the woman is on YouTube and so not accessible, so that the possibility part is nil.

There is a Magibon fan group on Yahoo. Every guy there is smart. We have all commented on how controlled Magi has been in not responding to insults, and in not changing the style of her presentation despite ridicule. Yes, Magi is one smart cookie! Still, we are all her acolytes (or were: she’s not making many videos these days, having managed to establish herself in Japan, where she longed to go). Even though I guess most of us are able to analyze her allure, we still find it compelling.

Did Magi know all this stuff we’ve discussed or just discover it by accident? Whichever, she used it to get her to her longed-for Japan.

Even if I assume she presented herself as she did in a completely calculating manner, her big eyes and little smile still depict for me a dream that I and apparently many men share, which is to have a kind, sweet, supportive girlfriend. This was once the standard female “look”, even if the woman presenting it actually had a will of iron.

I find it the acutest of ironies that, by being born looking like a sweety-pie, and enhancing that 19th century style of femininity, which once would have gotten her married by 16 and firmly planted in some man’s shadow, she has today managed to do something entirely of and on her own.

Such is the power of Woman in the modern West. No wonder the guys of Islam are nervous!.

23 10 2009

Being a man originally came from Japan, I personally notice that there is a big difference between American girls and Japanese girl. In our culture, girls suppose to please men by acting as younger, innocent or so called brainless look, etc., you name it. But It seldom will be the case in American. It explained why Magibon catches so much attention from my people.

What I was surprised the most is that Magibon fits Japanese culture so well that I sometimes fell that she has a Japanese girl inside her. Her crooked teeth, smile, cute expression and even short height are amazingly matching Japanese aethestic standards. I am always wondering how did that happened to a American girl today? and this truly unbelievable transform makes her very unique.

I can see that some other girls are trying very hard to copy her success but they just do not have her quality. Some hate comments posted by American men, they just did not get it, after all, American is not famous by learning other cultures.

23 10 2009

Interesting comment. Some people have told me that Magi is way more like a Japanese girl than an American girl, but they were mostly Americans. I’m glad to have you, a Japanese man, confirm that.

And, yes, she did something very unusual for an American in trying to fit in another culture! The USA is so big, and until recently was so dominant economically, that the rest of the world seems unimportant to lots of us.

13 12 2009
11 03 2010

Fuck can someone kill Magibon? That stupid bitch needs to be anally raped and maimed. I wish someone just shoots and kills her. THE FUCKING END!!!!!!!!!!

12 03 2010

Interesting. What has Magibon done to you that you should hate her so? Unlike lots of truly dangerous people in our society, who have substantial power over other people’s lives, Magibon has used the single power she has simply to improve her own life.

The power she has is female beauty (augmented by her creativity). Not very hate-worthy, I’d say.

But we can look deeper! A similar degree of hate broke out in response to a series of Internet appearances of a similarly-cute girl called boxxybabee* about 2 years ago. I found that outbreak very instructive. Until the Internet, men (or, in the boxxybabee case, callow youths) had little or no opportunity to express hatred of women in public. If they did, they were liable to be thought crazy, or perhaps even get their asses whipped by aggrieved brothers and husbands, in some cases.

The Internet has removed that inhibition. On it, anonymity permits people to say vile things about or to anyone with impunity. As I saw lots of young men revile that boxxy girl for, essentially, being cute online in a way that they found irritating, I gradually realized a profound human truth:

Many, perhaps most, men harbor hatred of women.

I’m sure everyone knows why, given the social dynamics of sex and all.

It is a few short steps from hating women because they have so much power over you and your fellow men to putting them in burkahs and keeping them imprisoned in them for all their lives.

Here we don’t do that. Instead we revile women who appear on the Internet and make us feel weak with thwarted desire for them.

And, in person, some of us use religion to “keep them in their place”, and others of us occasionally do other, nastier things to them.

Power always begets hatred. It must not be very pleasant to be in that half of the human race to which nature has given great power over the other half.


*Here’s boxxy performing.

PS: As for WOMEN hating women who have done them no harm, finding the most likely reason is dead easy. Hint: Why do you suppose I’m prone to hate tall, handsome men?

24 03 2010
6 02 2011

You commented on my blog on a post of mine last year, with a comment I’m just now seeing, on a post called Why Boxxy Is A Phenomenon Pt 1, Why She Is So Loved [ http://boxxyphenomenon.blogspot.com/2009/08/why-boxxy-is-phenomenon-pt-1-why-she-is.html#comments ]

You linked me to this post, and I took a look. Likewise, I think you captured a perspective and the sense of the appeal Magibon has to many men. I think the biggest thing is the contrast to the domineering, ball breaking bitch culture of today.

Where many songs, movies and shows have the message expressed to men (either by women or men) that we should want a strong, take-charge, independent woman; at essence, most of us want above all a soft and sweet lady. As much as the “formidable” beauty may arouse us, she doesn’t necessarily move us on the inside. I’m closer to Magibons age than yours, and that holds true for me.

Getting lost in her eyes, and disarmed with the sweet stair is certainly a factor that draws you in, but at the same time I did find it strange, like why you just staring? Like shes trying to take my soul:P

Nonetheless, gazing into her sweetness is a nice reprieve from what we normally get in the culture.

10 02 2011

Thank you for the very nice comment! I’m particularly grateful for the confirmation from a guy much younger than myself that a sweet woman attracts most. I wasn’t close enough friends, offline, with any guys much younger than me to ask them about this.

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